Funeral Card Friday

I came across this funeral card just last weekend, in a box of family papers that my father had sent home with me a while ago. It was great timing to be invited to participate in Funeral Card Friday!

Back side of the card has a piece of masking tape (*shudder*) on which is written: Milo Thompson’s Mother

Eliza Thompson, died March 11, 1912, Age 65 years. Gone but not forgotten.

Her obituary, from an unsourced newspaper clipping found in with family papers, reads” Death: West Farmington, March 11. Mrs. Eliza Thompson of this place died this morning after an illness of several months. She was born in Southington in 1846 and lived her early life there. She graduated from the Western Reserve seminary at West Farmington in 1868. She married O. Thompson in 1876. They lived on a farm in Farmington for a number of years removing here 12 years ago. Mr. Thompson died in 1907.
Mrs. Thompson is survived by one son, Milo, of this village, two step sons, one brother and six grandchildren. A brother, Lot Allen, lives at Lincoln, Nebraska.
The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at one pm, conducted by Rev. Peck.

Eliza Mary Allen was the daughter of Milo Allen and Clarissa Merchant. She was born 10 May 1847, in Southington, Trumbull, Ohio. She married 2 May 1876 in Trumbull County, Orson Samuel Thompson, the son of Norman and Harriet Morrison Thompson of Rock Creek, Ashtabula, Ohio. (As long as I’m mentioning Norman, I’d like to mention that as of yet, his parents have eluded me.)

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  1. MHD says:

    Another great post! I don't believe that you haven't already been nominated for an "Ancestor Approved" award, but I've given you one anyway. You can read about it and grab the image at

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks for the really interesting articles! Also, thanks so much for the info on the Godfrey. I've driven by it many times & have always been curious about it. It sounds like a great local resource(I live in West Hartford, CT) & so I'm signing up for a membership. Thanks so much again for the info on it!

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