Internet Archive liberates books from 1923-1941 under obscure copyright law

Have you ever been frustrated that a book you were hoping would be digitized was just past the 1923 cutoff date, thus in copyright and unable to be digitized? Don’t miss this blog post from Internet Archives ( explaining how they are able to now distribute books copyrighted from 1923-1941!  Look for the rather ironically named “Sonny Bono Memorial Collection” on Internet Archive (when Bono was in Congress, he pushed for a law that would extend copyright to “forever less a day.” His efforts moved millions of previously accessible works back into copyright.)


Source: Books from 1923 to 1941 Now Liberated! | Internet Archive Blogs

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  1. October 16

    […] Internet Archive Liberates Books from 1923-1941 Under Obscure Copyright Law by Relatively Curious […]

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