Spreadsheets for Genealogy: Airtable part 2

Since last writing about Airtable, an awesome cloud-based, free spreadsheet program, I have only fallen deeper in love. And now, with their latest development, I’m over the moon.

Airtable2As if being able to create beautiful, useful spreadsheets with the ability to easily add images, link to other spreadsheets, and access from anywhere online wasn’t enough, they’ve now added a Calendar view.  So not only can I create a list of upcoming events in my usual spreadsheet view, but from that same “Base” (database), by clicking on the Calendar view option, all of my data is populated into a calendar form. Oh my goodness! Time management simplified!

Spreadsheets for genealogy?

Think “Research Log“! Since using a spreadsheet-formatted Research Log for every genealogy research project, I find my time spent researching is so much more organized, and so much more efficient. I can easily see what information I have, for who, what I need, and what I forgot (but thought for sure I was going to remember).

My own version includes a column for RIN #s, and because I’m using Airtable, I can easily add the document images right on the same line as my information. From there, if you just click on the thumbnail, a smaller image pops up (see below), and click on that, and the full-size image will open. It’s just beyond awesome!  See my Genealogy Research Log template in the Airtable Universe, copy it to your own account and tweak it to your specific needs.

Airtable Spreadsheets for Genealogy

Spreadsheets for everything!

If you’re not sure just how many different uses you might have for a spreadsheet, you’re obviously not quite hooked on the concept yet… emphasis on “yet“.  Check out Airtable’s templates for business or personal to get some ideas of how you can organize your entire life beautifully and seamlessly with spreadsheets.

Airtable is free. There are paid upgrade options for teams and really high-volume users, but you should be able to accomplish everything you want with the free version.
Airtable Spreadsheets Airtable2cAirtable2b

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