True miracles with genealogy

Let me start with this disclaimer: I won’t ever promote anything that I don’t completely believe in, and at least up to this point, nobody pays me to say nice things about anything. I’m writing this post to share a great offer with y’all for a book that I have enjoyed immensely myself. Consider this a public service 🙂

That being said, here is the Facebook post that Anne Bradshaw shared on Facebook today:

NEWS! Got a genealogist in the family? Now is the time to snap up an award-winning paper-back copy of “True Miracles with Genealogy” Volume Two for only $2 (tax included). Brigham Distributing will ship at this discounted price until Christmas. Their website is at… and you can order direct with either a credit card or PayPal.

TrueMiraclesAnne’s books, True Miracles with Genealogy are really, really, really, wonderful. They are full of short stories (akin to the “Chicken Soup” type books), but each story relates instances of coincidence, serendipity, or just flat out miracles that people have experienced along their genealogy research paths.

The stories are heartfelt and compelling, and for anyone with an interest in family history, they are absolutely the best. It took me forever to get through the first book, as I’d end up in tears after each story, and would have to set the book aside for a while before reading the next chapter.

I highly recommend both volumes I and II, and with Volume II only $2, what a great idea for a Christmas or other holiday gift!


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