My Top Ten Best Genealogy Moments of 2009

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  1. downtothesea says:

    I love your toolbar! I discovered it through Family Tree mag, and installed it yesterday afternoon. It's really, really well done–thank you!


  2. Genbook says:

    Well, one of my best genealogical moments for 2010 has to be discovering the link to our collections "New York, Monroe Co. Digital Collection"! Thank you!

    We actually have a prime spot on the library's web page (, which includes a clickable map, and 7 drop down menus with pop out java menus, that take you to some more "neat stuff" like a 1 million name index to Rochester BMD's, the 22,000 item Rochester Images, and a 500,000 item 19th century newspaper index, just to skim the surface.

    Thanks so much for the link!

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