“Why” Genealogy in Second Life?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I responded on Facebook 13 minutes later. I am still attempting to master a second name so I can have a second life. My answer is there. Your comments are all excellent ones also. SusiCP@cox.net

    IT won't accept my blogger access keeps saying error.

  2. GeneaGeek says:

    Interesting post – I had no idea people were using secondlife for genealogy. I'll look you up if I ever get my pc up and running again 🙂

  3. Myrt says:

    congrats on making it to Randy Seaver's top 10 genea-blogs this week. Way to go.

  4. GeneGinny says:

    Unfortunately, my laptop doesn't meet all the requirements for using secondlife. I tried, but couldn't get the "teleport" function to work, so never made it to any of the genealogy sites. Rather frustrating. Ginny in Seattle

  5. Rick Archer says:

    From your aussie mate, Jerry, I reckon genealogy on sl is fantastic and the advice you give is top notch.
    Hope to see you at more meetings, okay.
    A very friendly lady.

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