Library of Congress Magazine (and website)

The Library of Congress’ website,, is a glorious and wonderful collection of documents, data, photos, newspapers, recordings and more, so many of which are incredibly useful to our genealogy research.

This quick blog post isn’t so much about what all is available, as it is about their bimonthly magazine which is available online, in which they discuss their collections, staff, and other things.

This month’s issue in particular (March 2016), focuses on how the Library of Congress not only maintains the world’s premiere collection of knowledge, but how it makes it searchable, findable, and usable.

You really need to take a look.

Library of Congress Magazine

Library of Congress Magazine (LCM) is published bimonthly to tell the Library’s stories, to showcase its many talented staff, and to share and promote the use of the resources of the world’s largest library.

Source: Library of Congress Magazine | Library of Congress

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