What a find!

Half Price Books is having their annual Memorial Day sale, with 20 percent off, so that’s how my family spent its Friday night family-time last night. Of course I perused the Reference section to see what interesting genealogy books they might have, and along with all of the usual suspects was a hardcover, first edition of “The Douglas Register – Being a detailed record of Births, Marriages and Deaths together with other interesting notes, as kept by the Rev. William Douglas, from 1750 to 1797.” MOST exciting, though is that the book is inscribed by the author, W. Macfarlane Jones, to John Bennett Boddie, with the following: “To John Bennett Boddie – with commendation and appreciation of his splendid work in publishing that valuable contribution to the history of Virginia – 17th Century Isle of Wight. Richmond, Va. July 15, 1940.”

And, being marked only $25, I paid a mere $20! Of course coming home I checked www.bookfinder4u.com to compare hundreds of online used bookstore prices to be sure I had gotten a good deal, and boy did I! The lowest price of several original copies was $120, and none are signed editions. But now I am SOOOO torn – whether to keep it because it is a very cool reference and historical piece, or sell it and make some bucks to keep my genealogy addiction funded… Decisions, decisions…

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