Look out world – here comes the iceberg!

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  1. ronfergy says:

    A welcome reminder to us all!

    As someone who is helping in this indexing project, I would encourage everyone to help. It is not onerous, but sometimes the pages can be a little difficult to decipher. But we are all used to that!

    Ron Ferguson (UK)

  2. Thanks Tami for your "Here comes the iceberg" — it is amazing what digital information is available already and to learn that 2.5 million additional rolls of microfilm are being put into a computer-friendly format is awesome.

    I can say that the work of the LDS volunteers who came to my home county in Mississippi to microfilm our chancery records (which were in sad repair) did a beautiful job — and the Index they prepared to those old records is a primary source all to itself — knowing that the film of all those thousands of pages will soon be available in digital format is most exciting news.


    Terry Thornton
    Fulton, Mississippi

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