Finding yourself (and others…) in yearbooks online

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  1. james clark says:

    Do you have 1981 OU Law School Advocate annual/yearbook for sale?

    • Sorry James, I don’t have any yearbooks for sale. The article does mention some sites that may have the images online though.

      • Tracy Cousins says:

        Do you have baker elementary(1985-87), Crawford high school(1995-96), Kennedy Elementary(1984-85), wilson middle school(1989-91), Roosevelt middle school (1991-92) year books.

  2. Kevin says:

    South city

  3. Roana says:

    Do you know where I can find elementary school yearbooks at?

  4. hannah says:

    I’m looking for someone specific, from 2015. But the yearbooks don’t go that far, and I only know the first name of the person which makes everything hard

    • Gavin says:

      I think I might be that person, my name’s gavin. From adams elamentary school, eugiun, oregon. Sound familiar? If not, I suggest that I’m not the person your looking for.

    • Gavin says:

      Or scarlet. Depending on if your the hannah I knew.

  5. Gallagher says:

    Classmates keeps “improving” their site and are really damaging their brand. Their latest change is on the actual yearbook sites where they’ve eliminated the option to type in a page # so you can get there instantly, and they’ve removed the option to zoom incrementally. Now you have a single zoom option and the single page ou are viewing is still barely readable.
    The layout used to be two pages which you could scroll back and forth and up and down. Now you can drag A SINGLE PAGE somewhat, but a full third of the page display is taken up by options (search, zoom +/-, Grid view (four page grid (can read much), Page view (single). I don’t believe I will be renewing.

  6. Looking for someone

  7. Jayla says:

    Trying to find my old elementary school yearbook with me and my friends in it

  8. Fred says:

    Some components of Classmates have gotten better. Many have gotten worse. One biggie is the maximum number of choices when searching on a name, 500. If you search for a name with, say, 2000 choices, only 500 of those can be accessed. You are presented with ten options per page, but only 50 pages. Now that may sound like a lot, but what becomes of the additional 1500 inaccessible names? I realize there must be a limit, but 500 is unrealistic.

    Another problem is its display. For some reason, the print is so small on some pages, a magnifying glass is almost essential. Unfortunately there may be no good solution for this problem except, perhaps, providing more than a single “zoom out” option. There’s more, but that’s for a another time.

  9. Emmaline says:

    Do u have argentine middle school yearbooks 2018

  10. Dorychewyoung says:

    Trying to find my old elementary yearbook from Elihu Beard elementary school in Modesto California, I moved away from Modesto California, and I lost my yearbook 😥 I graduated in 2002

  11. Pat brown says:

    P.s.151 knickerbocker str bklyn ny Patricia brown 2nd grade teacher Mrs Turner 1977thanks

  12. i want to find my girlfriend from 2018

  13. Catarino Najera III says:

    Yeah I went to and tapped on the menu button and nowhere on that menu does it have “Yearbook”

  14. Charles Tubaugh says:

    Do you where I can find a 1973 class yearbook Mifflin High School Columbus, Ohio For Sale /or download

  15. Jasmin Marin says:

    I want to find my elementary yearbook pictures and im in 8th grade now. im lost on where to go

  16. kary says:

    do you guys have norris middle school yearbooks?im looking for my boyfriend that’s why 😂

  17. Carol Vallone says:

    Looking for St Mary’s Business School in Buffalo, New York. I graduated in 1969.

  18. Lavonte montgomery says:

    Lynwood high school yearbook

  19. Johnny kimmel says:

    I lived in the pines an Michigan city Ind in the 90s as played basketball in school. My name Johnny j Kimmel. Just throwing this out here in hopes someone knows me or has any pics or info.

  20. Barbara Van horn says:

    Looking for Donald James van horn
    Warwick high school…… Class of 1988 Warwick.n.y. 10990. Looking for a picture believe he is a step son

  21. genesis says:

    anyone know where i can find elemntry yearbook plz

  22. Jeremiah says:

    I need year book of Newnan high school from 2018- 2019 pls help if you can

  23. Johnsonville middle school 2020-2021 in south carolina not class of 2021 but the year book of that year I am looking for Juliana owens

  24. Flo Thomas says:

    I am looking for my class picture from Powderly Elementary School, B’ham, Al. Class of 1965. Can you help me find it?

  25. destiny evans says:

    i’m trying to find my photo from franklin middle school 2021-2022

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